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Probate and Estate Administration

Probate and Estate Administration

Affordable Estate Planning

Estate Planning

The Kelly Law Firm offers comprehensive estate planning services at some of the most affordable prices in Long Beach.  There is no need to overpay for a living trust. Our services are offered for a flat fee so there are no hidden costs.  


We recognize that every client’s situation is unique and we prepare estate planning documents to reflect these unique circumstances.  Whether you are looking for a simple estate plan to avoid probate, or you have an evolving and complex portfolio, we offer solutions at for everyone. 

The Kelly Law Firm Estate Plan includes a revocable living trust, a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney for Health Care, a Power of Attorney for Financial Management, and a new Deed to your property and all tax form to ensure that your house is in the trust with no adverse tax consequences.

Living Trusts and Wills

We prepare individually tailored estate planning documents, including revocable living trusts and pour over wills to ensure that your estate will not be subject to probate or other court proceedings. We advise our clients on the importance of properly titling assets and funding their trusts, and also offer trust administration services following the death of the creator of the trust.

Power of Attorney for Health Care

It is important to have a Health Care Directive so your final wishes are honored if a decision has to be made about continuing care and what measures you want taken if you are too ill to express your wishes to your doctors. It is also important to have a general power of attorney that becomes effective if you ever become incapacitated. This will allow your agent to sign important papers for your medical care.


The failure to have a valid medical power of attorney in place should you become incapacitated could result in an expensive and time consuming court monitored conservatorship proceeding.

Power of Attorney for Property Management

A Power of Attorney for Property Management is a legal document that allows an individual to designate someone to represent them and make financial decisions on their behalf (called the attorney-in-fact or agent) should they be unable to act on their own behalf. The Power of Attorney grants power to the agent to handle specific tasks, such as signing filing taxes, speaking with governmental agencies, and signing other legal documents.  In a properly drafted document, the powers granted to the agent are clearly spelled out in the Power of Attorney.

Real Estate

At the Kelly Law Firm, we obtain title reports to your real properties to ensure that the properties are properly transferred to your trust.  This ensures that your estate will avoid probate and expensive court proceedings when your heirs stand to inherit. In many ways, proper titling of your property and assets is just as important as the underlying trust and estate documents themselves. This is where an experienced estate planning attorney is the most valuable. 

Request a Price Quote

If you require legal services in the areas of probate, estate administration, wills, trusts, litigation, and elder law/abuse, contact The Kelly Law Firm today for a price quote. Our team of experienced lawyers will provide expert advice and representation to protect your rights and interests. We are committed to upholding the rights and interests of our clients in trust, probate, and estate litigation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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