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The Kelly Law Firm is a top Southern California Trust and Probate Law Firm providing estate planning, trust administration, and probate advocacy.  

Practice Areas


Probate and Estate Administration

Probate can be a long and confusing process. We have over a decade of experience handling everything from simple, small estates to large, complex probate estates. 

No matter the complexity, we are highly efficient, deadline-oriented, and creative in our attention to the probate process. 

Work directly with the best probate attorneys.  Call for a free consultation today.   


Estate Planning

Estate planning is necessary to avoid the long and more expensive probate process. This does not mean that you should overpay for a living trust and will.

The Kelly Law Firm offers comprehensive and affordable flat-fee estate planning services.

We can prepare a will and trust around your busy schedule. Call for a free consultation & quote today. 


Litigation and Disputes

The Kelly Law Firm takes an aggressive and creative approach regarding trust, estate and probate disputes & litigation. Our firm has extensive experience representing trustees, beneficiaries, executors, and family members in many types of problems.  Trust and estate disputes are complex and detail-oriented. Hire a law firm with experience; call for a consultation today.  


Elder Finacial Abuse

Elder Financial Abuse is on the rise in California.  The State of California has laws in place to protect people over the age of 65 from fraud and theft.

The Kelly Law Firm has wide-ranging experience protecting the elderly and returning property that was fraudulently stolen.    

The Kelly Law Firm

With over a decade of experience, Paul R. Kelly, Esq. is a highly regarded Trust, Estate, and Probate Attorney.  

Law is an ordinance of reason for the common good, made by him who has care of the community.

Thomas Aquinas

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The Kelly Law Firm

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