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Our Vision for Estate Planning

At the Kelly Law Firm, we represent beneficiaries, trustees, heirs, executors, and family members of the deceased.  Our primary focus is on representing people with regards to their inheritances, trusts, or estates.

We also are dedicated to administering trusts and estates in a smooth and orderly fashion.  However, when that is not possible and when someone involved in the estate is making the process difficult, we will fight for you and we will uphold your rights.  

Our Clients 


​The Kelly Law Firm is an aggressive and creative law firm focusing on trust, probate, estate planning, and litigation. Our firm has extensive experience representing trustees, beneficiaries, executors, and family members in many types of disputes. We are located in Long Beach, Los Angeles, County, California, but handle cases throughout the state, particularly in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.

Our representation relates to allegations of undue influence, fraud, lack of capacity, will and trust interpretation, trust accountings, contested probates, trustee removal proceedings, conservatorships, petitions for instructions (Probate Code section 17200), elder financial abuse, and obtaining orders from the court returning property to the rightful owner.


The majority of our clients are hard working individuals who are determined to uphold their rights and interests. The Kelly Law Firm understands the complex dynamics involved in familial disputes, but won’t let that interfere with obtaining justice for our clients.  

If you need a trust, probate, or estate litigation attorney in Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, or anywhere in California, the Kelly Law Firm can provide the services you need.

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