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Trust Administration


       A Living Trust becomes an irrevocable trust at the Trustor’s death. California law provides that where a decedent’s estate is held in a trust, then there is no need to file a petition for probate. The successor Trustee takes control of the estate, reports to the beneficiaries, and distributes the assets in a timely manner.


           Our California trust administration attorneys will first determine if all of the property has been placed in the trust. If some property was not properly funded into the Trust then the estate attorney will provide legal advice to the trustees as to how to distribute assets left outside the trust or request the probate court to put the property in trust.


          After this determination is made, statutory notices and a copy of the trust documents are provided to the beneficiaries of the Trust. Often, most of the estate needs to be liquidated and real property sold in order to distribute the proceeds, pay creditors, and pay federal and estate taxes.  Our attorneys will work with you to accomplish these items. Our Orange County, Los Angeles and Long Beach Trust Administration attorneys will help the trustee properly administer the Trust.



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