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Trust Accountings


       At the end of the administration of the trust, a trustee must account for the assets, liabilities, and any actions taken by the trustee while managing and administering the trust. If the trustee fails or refuses to provide the beneficiaries with such an accounting, the beneficiaries can petition the court for an order forcing the trustee to file an accounting with the court for approval.

      The trustee’s accounting is held to very high standards.  This is a job that is not to be taken lightly and almost requires legal assistance.  If you are a beneficiary of a trust and you want to see what actions the trustee has taken, call the Kelly Law Firm to discover what your rights are as a beneficiary.  If you are a trustee and a beneficiary has demanded an accounting from you, call the Kelly Law to ensure that everything is handled with care and you have no personal liability.

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