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Litigation and Disputes
Contested trust litigation


Challenging a trust requires expertise in overlapping financial, familial, and procedural complexities.  If you have received notice from a  trustee with a copy of a trust that you believe is fraudulent, click here for more information.

Contested Probate Litigation

Once a will or other testamentary document has been offered to the court for probate, or has been admitted into probate, a person who wishes to contest the document must act immediately.  Click here for more information.

Abused Beneficiary


Beneficiaries have rights.  Do not let a trustee refuse to provide information or refuse to distribute the decedent's assets.  If you feel your rights are being ignored, click here for more information.

Trustee Defense


As a trustee, you may have a duty to defend the trust in litigation.  If you have received a lawsuit or Petition in the mail, click here for more information.

Trust Accountings


Trustees have a duty to account for trust assets and all actions taken by the trustee in the name of the trust.  If you are a trustee and a beneficiary has demanded information, or you are a beneficiary and the trustee refuses to provide any information, click here.

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