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Contested Probate Litigation


     Estate, probate, and trust disputes are complicated by grief, complex family dynamics, and other strong emotions. Attorneys at the Kelly Law Firm represent trustees and beneficiaries in estate and trust disputes. We are very sensitive to the issues facing all parties.


     If you are in a dispute with a trustee, a beneficiary, or a family member, don’t simply hire the attorney who prepared the trust to represent you. The attorney who drafted the trust may not be a litigator and may not have ever set foot in court.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t hire your family doctor to perform open heart surgery.


     Trust, probate, and estate litigation are specialized areas of the law and require attorneys who are dedicated to courtroom procedure and practice. As a prosecutor and civil litigator, Paul Kelly, Esq. has spearheaded trials before both juries and judges. Today in private practice, Mr. Kelly specializes in the complexities of probate, trust and property law. 


     Don’t hire any attorney; hire a trial attorney who understands the issues. Contact the Kelly Law Firm, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Long Beach trust litigation and probate litigation attorneys at (562) 799-5595 for a free consultation.


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