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Abused Beneficiary


     The primary purposes of an estate plan are to preserve wealth and ensure that the designated assets are transferred with the least consequence to the correct beneficiaries. When an estate is affected by the actions of a trustee or executor, you may need an attorney to get the trustee or executor back on course.  The highly experienced attorneys at the Kelly Law Firm offer comprehensive representation to protect your rights and interests.


     We represent clients in disputes between beneficiaries, beneficiaries and trustees or other fiduciaries, and beneficiaries and other parties.  We represent parties in actions including:


  • Will contests

  • Trust disputes

  • Beneficiary’s rights

  • Obtaining Trust Documents or other information

  • Investigating actions of trustees

  • Compelling Trustee(s) to Account For Action


     We represent beneficiaries in estate planning disputes in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Long Beach.Representing Beneficiaries in Various Types of DisputesAt the Kelly Law Firm, our services include protecting both the estate’s value and the interest of a beneficiary in an estate, as well as monitoring the fiduciary’s administration of the estate. In addition, we pursue financial elder abuse actions against persons who have, through wrongful means, acquired an interest in an elder’s estate to the detriment of the intended beneficiaries.


     As a prosecutor and civil litigator, Paul Kelly, Esq. has spearheaded trials before both juries and judges. Today in private practice, Mr. Kelly specializes in the complexity of probate, trust and property law.  Don’t hire any attorney; hire a trial attorney who understands the issues.

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